Chimney Cleaning Services
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code 211 recommends that all solid fuel burning systems should be inspected at least once a year.
Having your wood-burning system inspected regularly is very important. After all, the safety of your property, health and life of the users depend on it. Danger such as high creosote deposits, age-related damage or improper installation may lead costly repairs or even a house fire.

Why Choose Us?







Pro Always On site

 You will always be met by highly trained NFI-Certified, CA licensed,
 Certified Chimney Sweep to provide quality service and leave you
 fully informed about the condition of your chimney system.

System Inspection Included

 A thorough (level 1) visual inspection of your system for proper
 operation and safety with a final written report and estimates on
 any repairs needed.

Detailed Raport



 Photos, videos and notes will be all E-mailed to you in a service
 Report, along with any free estimates on repairs or adjustments
 needed with a range of options that apply to your chimney needs.

100% Dirt and Dust Free



 We will treat your home with the highest respect. Carpet covers,
Shoe Covers, Gloves and High Suction vacuum are among the
many precautions we think necessary for your peace of mind.
Literature Provided
If needed we will leave you with a helpful handbook that explains
 the DO's and DON'T's of wood-burning and other useful advice. 
Great for rentals!


 Stove Firebricks get damaged overtime. If we find you need
 a replacement, the first 3 are on us!

Spark Arrestor

 Spark arrestor is the screen that that acts a precaution to help
 prevent glowing embers or sparks from escaping your chimney.
 If yours is damaged or missing, we will provide one at no cost.

Glass Cleaning

 Excessive soot and grime build-up on your appliance glass window
makes it hard to enjoy the view. We will not only clean it, but provide
 advice on how to maintain it and prevent the build-up.

Paint Touch -Up



 If your stove top has lost some of its original beauty, we can touch
 it up with the professional hi-temp black paint we always carry.

How Often Should I Have My Chimney Cleaned?

A wood-burning chimney should be cleaned as often as necessary to prevent the flammable deposits of creosote from reaching dangerously high levels. The frequency of cleaning depends on many variables, but the most important are:

How much wood has gone through the system since last cleaning?

 2 cords of wood is sometimes stated as a rule of thumb between cleanings, but certain outdated and inefficient systems need cleaning every 0.5 cord. (A cord of wood fits into a 4'x8'x4' container.)

What is the quality of the wood?

Hardwood such as Oak, Walnut and Almond are much denser, provide more heat per log and burn longer and cleaner. Softwood such as Pine, Spruce and Fir are less dense, burn quicker and promote more creosote build-up than hardwood.
Burn only seasoned firewood (Seasoned Softwood 6-12 months, Hardwood 1-2 years, split to thickness of 6-8 inches, stacked outdoors, off the ground, top covered, sides open for ventilation).

What is the quality of your stove, fireplace or insert?

It all starts with your firebox, the more outdated the less efficient it will be. Non-EPA certified appliances will usually promote quicker creosote build-up and require more maintenance.
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